Millions of British across the country, including the children of William and Kate, applauded to the medics

Millions of British people on Thursday thanked the United Kingdom’s health workers who were resisting the Coronavirus pandemic.

At exactly 20.00 local time, people from the balconies of apartments and courtyards began clapping and shouting words of gratitude, expressing support to doctors, nurses and all those who are fighting a disease that has affected almost 600 people in the country.

FreeTvOnline’s correspondent, who watched what was happening on a street in North London, made sure that the action, agreed upon by activists on social networks, found great support among the population. Many Britons went out to clap on the doorsteps of their homes, and car drivers used clacks.

The Guardian estimates that millions of people around the country participated, including the children of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton – George, Charlotte and Louis. In the official account of Kensington Palace, the office of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a video was posted in Instagram, where the little heirs to the British throne stand on green grass and clap their hands. The video was accompanied by words of gratitude to the medical staff.

The action was joined by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who paid tribute to the doctors on the steps of his residence on Downing Street, and Queen Elizabeth II, who issued a communiqué on the occasion.

“We are extremely grateful for the experience and dedication of our scientists, physicians, emergency and community service personnel,” Her Majesty’s statement said.