Miners and police clashes occurred near the office of the President of Ukraine

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Clashes between police and miners occurred during miners’ rallies near the office of the Ukrainian president. This was reported by Ukrinform on Wednesday, July 1.

When a police car tried to leave the street where the rallies were taking place, several miners ran and tried to prevent the car from passing. Several law enforcement officers began to resist, resulting in clashes.

According to the head of the Independent Pitmen’s Union of Ukraine Mykhaylo Volynts, who was also present at the rally, the police tried to attack him.

“Attack on a deputy, on miners, on trade unions. The police are preventing participants in the miners’ all-Ukrainian protest from setting up their tents,” he wrote on Facebook, attaching pictures to his post that show him being held by police officers with both hands.

The miners’ strike at the office of the President of Ukraine began a day earlier. The miners demanded that the head of state personally come to them.

The miners demanded to pay off debts to employees of state-owned mines for their salaries, which as of July 1, reached more than 1.2 billion hryvnias, as well as to fully pay off debts with state-owned coal-mining enterprises for the received coal.

In addition, miners want to dismiss Andriy Gerus, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada profile committee, whose actions, in their opinion, led to the crisis in the energy sector, and bring him to criminal responsibility for the breakdown of the energy sector of Ukraine. The miners demand a ban on the import of electricity and coal of gas brands from Russia and Belarus, the resumption of operation of thermal power plant units that have been re-equipped from anthracite coal to coal of gas group, the withdrawal of mines from idle time and ensuring their stable operation.