Minimum one-third of the crew of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle are positive for coronavirus

French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has tested positive for more than a third of its sailors since its early return to France on Sunday, caused by the discovery of contamination on board, a provisional report published on Wednesday is expected to increase.

” On the evening of April 14, 1,767 sailors from the naval aviation group were tested. The great majority of these tests concern at this stage sailors from the aircraft carrier. 668 have been found to be positive,” the Armed Forces Ministry said in a statement. Among them, ” 31 are now hospitalized at the Sainte-Anne army training hospital in Toulon (south), including one in intensive care “, it said.

According to the ministry, “30% of these tests have not yet delivered their results” and “the test campaign is still underway”. Charles de Gaulle is the second officially contaminated aircraft carrier in the world, after the American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Pacific.

Charles de Gaulle, the French nuclear ship (1,750 sailors) and the air defense frigate that accompanied it (200 sailors) reached the port of Toulon on Sunday two weeks ahead of schedule, after the initial discovery of about 50 cases of coronavirus.Marines were placed in sanitary isolation for 14 days before being allowed to return home.

Meanwhile, “the disinfection operations of aircraft and surface vessels have begun”, carried out by the armies in conjunction with industrialists, the ministry said. Minister Florence Parly “sends a message of support to the confined sailors and their families and thanks all the local elected representatives for their involvement”.