Minus 40 kg! Kelly Osborne shocked the fans with extreme transformation

At the end of summer, 35-year-old daughter Ozzy and Sharon Osborne confessed that in pursuit of the figure of her dreams, she made a sleeve gastroplasty – surgery that surgically reduces the volume of the stomach. Kelly Osborne decided to have a resection two years ago, when she realized that sports and proper nutrition do not give the right result. The goal justified the means: the star has lost more than 38 kg.

Recently Kelly boasted of impressive weight loss results. The paparazzi caught Kelly in Malibu on her way to a meeting with producer Jeff Beecher. The artist looked stunning in a fitted jacket from Alexander McQueen, ripped jeans and boats from Christian Louboutin. Only her hair in her favorite lilac colors disturbed the black range.

Osborne also admitted that she had changed the shape of her face with special injections. And although she was photographed wearing a protective mask, it is difficult not to notice the huge changes.

“I had problems with the temporomandibular joint. And to fix it, specialists gave me several injections,” confessed the star in the podcast of Dex Holt and Adam Clin. – My jaw became smaller. That’s when people began to notice that I lost a lot of weight, because it changed everything.