Mirrors for ” walking to the afterlife” are found in China

Chinese archaeologists have found bronze mirrors in burials during excavations at a cemetery dating back to the beginning of the first millennium AD. Xinhua News Agency reports that the excavations were carried out in northern China.

Now archeologists know about 400 tombs located in this burial complex. All burial chambers were found in excellent condition, historians have discovered many rare artifacts dating back to the Western Han Dynasty.

The funerary objects include many ceramic and bronze tableware, as well as perfectly preserved bronze mirrors. Some are in such splendid condition that they can be used for their intended purpose. Historians who specialize in this period believe that these mirrors were the most important item given to the deceased as they left for the other world.

A total of eighty mirrors have been found, all in the heads of the deceased. Many were decorated with inscriptions that stated that the deceased were going to live a better life in the afterlife. The mirror was necessary to look into and enjoy its beauty. Archaeologists note that mirrors were found not only in women’s but also in men’s graves. The maximum size of the mirrors is twenty-two centimeters in diameter. They are made of polished bronze and exquisitely decorated.