More and more defects are found in Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft

Now more and more defects are found in passenger aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Wall Street Journal writes about the next one with a reference to the information of the aerospace corporation.

We are talking about a horizontal tail stabilizer. The problem with the assembly of this element was revealed a little earlier. The defect was found in those aircraft that have not yet been put into operation, writes WSJ. According to the newspaper, because of this in August Boeing sent customers only four of these airliners instead of the planned 10.

“We are fixing the problem on aircraft that have not yet been delivered. Analysis is being conducted to see if action will be required on aircraft in service,” Boeing explained.

The defects identified on the 787 series aircraft only add to the problems Boeing has faced with its unfortunate 737 MAX. These aircraft have not flown since March 2019, after a total of 346 people died in two disasters. After the 737 was banned from flying, sales of this model fell to zero very quickly.

However, recently Boeing has concluded the first contract this year to supply the Boeing 737 MAX. According to Reuters, the Polish airline Enter Air has ordered two 737 MAX and, if the situation is favorable, can buy two more aircraft of this series.