More than 1,000 homes destroyed by fire in U.S. Colorado

Three people are missing after wildfires engulfed the suburbs of Colorado and destroyed more than 1,000 homes in the area of Boulder, writes January 1 The Hill.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said at a news conference that two people were missing in the Superior area and another in the Marshall area. The homes of the missing residents were destroyed in the fire and it is feared that people are dead. The destroyed homes are now covered with a layer of snow.

“I suspect we will have human casualties based on the extent of this fire, the speed and the brutality of it. I think it’s a miracle there are only three people and not hundreds. We’re very fortunate that we don’t have a list of 100 people missing,” Pelle said.

The wildfire broke out on the evening of Dec. 30 after strong winds blew across sun-scorched lawns after an unusually dry season in the region. The blaze spread to at least 1,300 acres (526 hectares) of land.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. Broken power lines could be one of them.

“If it turns out to be arson or reckless behavior, we will take appropriate action. On the day of the fire there was a special area, nothing was supposed to burn there,” Pelle noted.

According to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management, most parts of Superior and Marshall counties still had evacuation orders in effect as of Saturday, Jan. 1, due to broken power lines and the danger of falling trees. This wildfire was the deadliest in state history.

Since the fire, thousands of people have been without power due to a winter storm raging in Colorado. The state has declared a state of emergency. The American city of Louisville burned to the ground was filmed with a drone. The footage shows hundreds of completely burned houses and trees. You can see traces of smoldering fire in some of the ashes. Some of the buildings were not completely destroyed by fire.