More than 150 protesters against COVID-19 measures are detained in Germany

More than 150 people were detained in Berlin during an action against the tightening of anti-COVID measures. This was reported on Wednesday, April 21, by the publication Welt.

As specified by law enforcement officers, they have used pepper gas against a group of people in Berlin, who participated in the action.

In the center of the city held a rally with the participation of about 8 thousand citizens who opposed the amendments to the law on protection against infectious diseases discussed in the Bundestag. The protesters were on the street without personal protective equipment, which required the police to stop the event.

Nevertheless, most of the protesters ignored the call to disperse and clashed with the police.

On April 16, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the preparation of the fourth package of amendments to the law on epidemiological protection of the population. They provide for the introduction of unified strict rules throughout the country in case of deterioration of the situation with coronavirus, previously the decisions on restrictions were made by the federal states.

It was specified that in case of increase in the number of cases up to 100 people per 100 thousand inhabitants in a week, German authorities will introduce new restrictive measures. Employees of various companies will provide one or two tests for COVID-19 per week.