More than 30 people died during the catastrophic flooding in Indonesia

Prolonged rains in the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi resulted in a catastrophic flood.
The most severe impact of the elements was on the North Luwa County, where several thousand people were forced to take shelter in temporary shelters after the flooding began on July 13.

The village of Radda, like most other rural settlements in South Sulawesi province, is almost completely flooded. The inhabitants of Masamba village are fleeing the elements. They have to reach one of the 20 refugee camps deployed by the authorities.

Currently, 32 people are known to have died in the floods and 69 are missing. Nearly 5,000 homes have been flooded and residents are trying to save at least some of their belongings. More than 15,000 people have already been evacuated from the disaster zone. Local volunteers are actively assisting the rescuers.

Due to the lack of tents in refugee camps, improvised tents have to be put up. Volunteer psychologists work with children from flooded villages, trying to help overcome the stress experienced.

Mud flows have made it almost impossible to use motor vehicles. A mobile phone and two packets of small items are all that this resident of Radda was able to save from home.

Rescue operations are complicated and the requirement to observe epidemiological safety measures. There are over 80,000 cases of coronavirus infection in Indonesia.