More than 30 police officers fined in London for getting haircuts during quarantine

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Fines were issued to 31 police officers in London for visits to hairdressers during the quarantine. This was reported by the British portal Metro on January 26.

Police officers visited salons in the Bethnal Green area on January 17 while on duty. The haircuts were arranged by two police officers and they are being investigated.

Some of the money spent on the haircuts was donated by the officers to charities, but according to local police chief Marcus Barnett, this does not excuse the actions of those who are supposed to be enforcing the rules and guidelines of the government. The fine for each was £200.

As Barnett noted, he is disappointed in the behavior of his subordinates.

Last weekend, police in London stopped an illegal party of 300 people in the east of the capital. The event took place indoors in one of the arches of a railway overpass.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a state of emergency in the British capital on January 8 due to the threat of COVID-19 overflow in hospitals. Since January 4, due to the high number of cases of coronavirus in England there is a strict quarantine, barbershops and beauty salons are not allowed to work.