More than 340 flights were canceled at Shanghai Airport due to an aircraft fire

More than 340 flights were cancelled at Shanghai Airport due to the fire of a cargo plane. This was reported on Wednesday, July 22 by the local information resource Penpay.

The emergency occurred earlier the same day. Due to the fire of cargo aircraft Boeing 777-200F of Ethiopian Airlines, the harbor administration had to make adjustments to the schedule. As a result, several dozens of flights were diverted to Hongqiao Airport or other air harbors in the region. More than 130 flights to and from Hongqiao Airport were delayed.

There were 18 firefighters working at the fire site. The fire severely damaged the rear of the fuselage and the tail of the aircraft.

The Shanghai Airport Corporation reported that there were no victims or survivors as a result of the fire. Now the airport ground services are working to eliminate the consequences of the incident. There is no information on the causes of the fire yet.