More than 40 thousand German tourists will have to leave Spain because of coronavirus

In general, more than 40 thousand German tourists should leave the Balearic Islands and Spain in the next week. This was reported by Tourprom on Tuesday, August 18, referring to the German government’s review of the list of safe countries to visit due to coronavirus infection.

Tourists were advised not to visit the territory of Spain except the Canary Islands. In this case, all those arriving from Spain will have to pass the coronavirus test and stay in quarantine until the results are received, or show negative results of the tests, made within 48 hours, reports the National Assembly.

In connection with this decision, German tour operators TUI and Der Touristik withdrew flight programs to Spain. Tourists, who are already in Spain, may return ahead of schedule. And those who have just planned a flight, can move the trip to another destination.

About 400 hotels in the Balearic Islands and other resorts in Spain have announced their closure. “The situation will be very difficult, at least in early autumn. Then it will be visible whether something from this market can be returned,” said Maria Frontera, Chairman of the Mallorcan Hotels Federation.

On July 26, it was reported that citizens coming from Spain to the United Kingdom must observe the regime of self-isolation for 14 days. This decision was made after the surge of coronavirus infections in Spain. British citizens were also advised to refrain from travelling to the country.