More than 70 people were detained during the riots in Portland

Over 70 people were detained during the riots in Portland. Kerry Kupeck of the U.S. Department of Justice said this on her Twitter page.

“The current number of arrests and indictments… Portland has 74 arrests and 60 people have been charged,” she wrote.

According to Kupeck, charges have been brought against at least 238 detainees across the country since the protests, RT reports.

July 27, U.S. President Donald Trump promised at least 10 years in prison to protesters who had damaged government buildings in Portland and other cities and states, according to the website

Earlier on Sunday, protesters in Oakland, California, set fire to a local courthouse, smashed police station windows and attacked police officers.

In Portland, where the unrest has been going on for almost two months, demonstrators gathered outside the federal courthouse on the evening of July 20 put graffiti on its walls with spray paint cans. Law enforcement agencies responded by spraying tear gas.

On June 26, Trump reported that he signed an executive order to protect the monuments, providing for long prison sentences for vandals.

Since late May, protests have been taking place in American cities, often escalating into riots that began after the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. A man died in hospital after being brutally detained by police.