More than 80 people injured in clashes in Lebanon on a day of mourning

Members of radical organizations disrupted a rally in the center of the Lebanese capital on a day of mourning for those killed in the Beirut seaport bombing a year ago. Clashes between security forces and demonstrators left at least 84 people injured by tear gas. This was reported to journalists by George Kettane, a representative of the Lebanese Red Cross.

It is noted that the clashes took place on the approaches to the Parliament building from the Plas de Martir Square and lasted at least three hours.

The local branch of the Red Cross reported on Twitter that about 100 medical workers worked at the scene of the clash, came 21 ambulances. Thirteen of the injured were taken to hospital, while the rest were treated on the spot.

Special riot squads used water cannons against the activists, who threw stones and Molotov cocktails at them. Toward midnight local time, demonstrators in downtown Beirut were dispersed and moved into Jumeizi and Saifi neighborhoods.

Protesters attempted to seize the parliamentary palace, the Internal Security Forces Directorate press office noted on Twitter. The fiercest clashes occurred near the Ministry of Telecommunications on Bank Street and City Hall, the department specified. Protesters there attacked several offices and set fire to one of them.

The department also denied information about the shooting of activists with rubber and ordinary bullets.

The fire was quickly extinguished. The police detained the two instigators of the riots.

On August 4, 2020, a chemical explosion occurred in Beirut, destroying the city’s seaport, a thousand houses on its territory and beyond, thereby leaving 300,000 citizens homeless.

In April, German companies presented a project to rehabilitate these sites as well as to convert the surrounding areas into residential areas, beaches and parks. It is estimated at $5-15 bln, it was noted that the restoration of the area will create 50 thousand new jobs. This will stimulate economic activity for billions of dollars and will smooth out the consequences of the crisis aggravated by the chemical explosion in August.