More than a million American people have already voted in the presidential election

More than a million Americans have already voted in the 2020 presidential election, the highest participation rate in U.S. history. This was announced on Monday, September 28, The Independent reported.

Thus, according to the publication, 1 012 211 ballots were submitted in 13 states. As noted Professor of Political Science Michael McDonald, in 2016 by this time 9525 people have voted.

In his opinion, this shift is due to the higher interest of voters, as candidates cause more controversy and disputes. In addition, it is caused by new laws, according to which against the backdrop of the pandemic it is possible to send ballots by mail and early personal voting.

In June, incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump said he might not recognize the results if he lost the election. His rival Democrat Joe Biden said the military would take him out of the White House. The leadership of the armed forces in response recalled that they are out of politics and intend to continue to observe the laws of the country.

August 21, Biden officially agreed to run for president from the Democrats. He promised that if he wins, the U.S. will overcome the “era of darkness”, and also stated that the country is ready to eradicate systemic racism.