More than a third of COVID-19 patients In China are in critical condition

More than a third of those infected with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in China are in severe or critical condition. This was announced on Wednesday, April 1, by the representative of the Chinese Committee on Health Mi Feng, reports Xinhua.

“We must make every effort to help them cure,” he said at a press conference.

Earlier this day it was reported that 36 new cases of infection with coronavirus were registered in China in the past 24 hours, 35 of them among those who came from abroad. Within 24 hours, seven people died in the country with coronavirus, one in Shanghai and six in Hubei province, which became the epicenter of the spread of the infection.

Since December, 3,312 people have died from coronavirus and 81,554 cases have been registered. However, 130 cases of asymptomatic COVID-19 caused by coronavirus were detected on Tuesday.