NASA: A giant asteroid will fall to Earth in September 2020

Specialists know about the impact and have been preparing for it for four months. It all started with the fact that NASA has published the news about the passage of the Earth through a cloud of space debris. As a rule, all objects are usually attracted by Jupiter or other massive bodies, but not this time: all planets have grouped in one area relative to the Sun.

It was expected that the fall of a large body would take place in April, and therefore a quarantine was initiated. Now, according to NASA, the collision is scheduled for September. Interestingly, the second wave of coronavirus is also expected in September. Good flash forecasting should be based on the waves of pandemic and incubation period.

One asteroid seems to have fallen: it triggered a dust storm that swept over the Atlantic Ocean, supposedly “sand from the Sahara”.

Before continuing to analyze the rest of the facts, it is worth noting that the channel Israeli News Live is a very serious source, which does not sin the spread of fakes and the pressure of the situation.

It is necessary to highlight a very strange statistics on the number of asteroids near the Earth, which are closer than the moon. On April 23 there were about forty of them, and in May they disappeared somewhere – only nine. There are no such dramatic changes: obviously, NASA is silent about the statistics.