NASA showed flight video over Jupiter

Interplanetary research probe Juno, launched by NASA in 2011, has been studying Jupiter and its satellites since 2016. “Juno” took five years to get to the largest planet of the solar system, but it was worth it.

A press release from the U.S. National Aerospace Agency specifies that the video was created from individual photos that Juno’s probe transmitted to Earth during its presence in orbit of Jupiter. The video shows what the flight over Jupiter would look like from a passenger spacecraft. It is possible that one day such travel will become a reality.

Images, from which NASA experts made a video, were obtained during the rapprochement of “Juno” with Jupiter, which occurred on June 2 this year. That day the spacecraft approached the gas giant at the minimum distance – the distance between “Juno” and the planet was only 3.4 thousand kilometers. Powerful gravitational influence of Jupiter has accelerated the probe to the speed of about 209 thousand kilometers per hour. Apparatus Juno allows scientists to study the magnetic and gravitational fields of the gas giant, as well as to test the hypothesis that Jupiter has a solid core.