NASA specialists turned space photographs into music

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The Sonification project, which is conducted by NASA employees, creates incredible space music based on astronomical data. Do you want to hear the sound of the Galaxy’s center or the most beautiful nebula of the Pillar of Creation? Then turn on the video below.

Some of the most impressive photos of space are not real photos, because they are created by compiling different data – astronomers use images from optical telescopes, as well as data on ultraviolet and infrared spectra. In itself, these data can be used not only to create images.

Specialists from the U.S. National Aerospace Agency suggested using astronomical data for music creation. Space music, which turned out to be the result, is listened to approximately the same way you can imagine the music of stars, so NASA did a good job.

Especially interesting is the composition created from Pillars of Creation images. Terrible howling, alien whistling and other strange sounds, of which it is composed, make you think that the distant foreign stars and the space around them are still studied to a very small extent, so there are concentrated amazing mysteries that have yet to be solved.