NASA will send a machine to study an asteroid that costs $10,000 quadrillion

NASA is working on a spacecraft that will go to the asteroid Psyche, which consists of gold and other precious metals. Its value is estimated at 10 thousand quadrillion dollars – it is much more than the entire economy of the Earth. And if the celestial body could be delivered to our planet, then every person would be a billionaire.

But only scientists can enrich the celestial body, and even that, only with knowledge. Planetologists call this asteroid “the heart of a dead planet” and believe that it can be very similar to the core of the Earth, which is rich in iron and nickel. Perhaps studying it will give us a better understanding of how our planet was formed. It is also important to create promising technologies for mining in space.

The launch of the $117 million space probe is scheduled for 2022. The station will reach the asteroid in 2026. Now specialists are making scientific instruments that will equip the device. It is planned that with their help it will be possible to study in details the composition, relief and gravitational field of the celestial body. The data will be transmitted through an experimental laser communication system.

Psehea 226 kilometers wide is in the asteroid belt of the solar system between Mars and Jupiter. It was first discovered back in 1852. It is believed to be a fragment of a protoplanet that crashed into another celestial body when the solar system was formed.