NASA will turn one of the lunar craters into a giant telescope

The project that NASA is planning to fund seems fantastic at first. In any case, the idea is incredibly exciting: on the back of the moon in the crater will appear a giant telescope, which experts say will be ideal, including for hunting aliens. The project will be implemented as part of the Programme for Innovative Concepts Support (NIAC), according to which experts select the most unusual and promising proposals each year. They are funded by the Office for Outer Space Research.

The radio telescopes China and the Netherlands have already been installed on the opposite side of the Earth satellite. But it is smaller than the one planned by NIAC and is only used to relay data to our planet. The creators of the new lunar telescope have $125,000 and nine months to prove a realistic idea.

It is planned that the Lunar Crater Radio Telescope (LCRT) will build robots. Lunar satellites will deliver a wire grid, and electronic manipulators will stretch it along the perimeter of the crater – from 1 to 5 km long. A receiver will be installed in the centre to capture the signals. On radio waves 10-50 meters long (6-30 MHz) LCRT will conduct observations of the early universe. These bands are not covered by existing telescopes today. It will also be the world’s largest one-piece antenna telescope.