National Geographic has officially recognized that there are five oceans on Earth

National Geographic has announced a new point of view on the world map. Experts of the society admitted that there is a fifth ocean on the map of the Earth – the Southern Ocean, it is located in Antarctica. And while the other four oceans are bounded by continents, the boundaries of the Southern Ocean are currents.

National Geographic cartographers finally recognized the Southern Ocean in Antarctica on their maps, bringing the number of oceans on planet Earth to five. The society, which has been producing maps of the world since 1915, publicly announced its new policy on June 8, World Ocean Day.

National Geographic hopes the updated maps will help people look at the “new” ocean differently, thereby helping to preserve it. “The Southern Ocean has long been recognized by scientists,” geographer Alex Tate explained in a statement. “But because there was no international agreement on it, we never officially recognized it.”

National Geographic said that Alex Tate, who oversees changes to all the maps they publish, and their political map board have been discussing the merits of recognizing the Southern Ocean as a separate entity for years. They had previously classified the sea waters around Antarctica as cold extensions of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.