National Guard will enter Philadelphia due to riots

The National Guard in the American state of Pennsylvania has mobilized several hundred troops to maintain order in Philadelphia, where protests are taking place over the death of African-American Walter Wallace.

Governor Tom Wolfe, together with the Pennsylvania Office of Emergency Management, ordered this.

“The State National Guard is mobilizing several hundred employees to help local governments protect lives and property, as well as the right to peaceful assembly and protest,” Fox29 was quoted as saying on Wednesday, October 28.

The National Guard emphasized that the units are specially trained to carry out the tasks set by the leadership and ensure public safety during mass disturbances that pose a danger to the population and infrastructure.

Earlier it was reported that over 90 people were detained as a result of the riots in Philadelphia.

Protests began on Monday evening, October 26, after two policemen shot and killed a 27-year-old black local man named Walter Wallace.

The incident took place earlier that day. Two officers arrived at the call after complaints about a man screaming and armed with a knife. On several occasions, law enforcement officials insisted that Wallace drop his weapon, but Wallace began approaching the officers. As a result, police shot Wallace and he died as a result of his wounds.

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