Naya Rivera’s father decided to find her body himself

The father of the recognized dead star of the American series “The Glee Project” Naya Riveradecided to find the body of his daughter on his own – witnesses noticed him diving in the water. This on Monday, July 13, reported the publication The Mirror.

According to him, the actress’ father did not accept the fact that the police stopped the search operation. Nai’s father was filmed fully dressed when he was swimming in Lake Piru, where, allegedly, drowned actress. On July 10, she was officially declared dead. The rescue operation was replaced by a search for the body of the actress.

Naya Rivera July 8 arrived at the lake with her four-year-old son, rented a boat and went swimming. A few hours later at the boat station noticed that the boat is drifting. A sleeping boy was found on it. The actress wasn’t with him. The child told us how she jumped into the water and never came back.

On the first day, 50 rescuers were sent to search for the actress, who thoroughly searched the area with a helicopter, boat crews, divers and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Rivera is remembered for her role as cheerleader Santana Lopez in the series “The Glee Project”. The 33-year-old actress was the third to die of the show’s main cast.