Nearly a half of the servicemen of the USA waiting for world war with Russia or China in 2019

Nearly a half of current soldiers in troops of the USA considers that the United States will be soon involved in large war. Many of them are concerned by global instability in general and the relations with Russia and China in particular. The Military Times reports about it, referring to data of recent poll.

About 46 percent of the participating military personnel of anonymous poll consider that the USA next year will be involved in new war. In September, 2017 the share of the respondents sharing this point of view made only about 5 percent. Another 50 percent consider that the country will not be involved in the conflict within the next year: last fall that war is improbable, said more than two thirds of respondents what demonstrates sharp growth of fears.

Answering a question of the concrete countries, participants of poll said that they consider the main potential opponents Russia and China. That Russia poses a considerable threat, about 71% of the military personnel said that is 18 points more, than last year. 69% of the military personnel said threat from China that is 24 points more, than last year.

And here considers North Korea the enemy of only 46% of respondents – against 72% last year: it is possible that it was promoted by recent peaceful meetings of two leaders and the general atmosphere of a discharge of tension. Iraq and Afghanistan among enemies were called by 13% of respondents, Iran – 41 percent, Syria – 24 percent, Saudi Arabia – 18 percent of respondents.

As for the potential list of threats to security of the USA, military consider by the most considerable threat cyberterrorism. Nearly 89% of respondents indicated it as on considerable threat, and more than a half of them called it a serious problem. Many are afraid that the USA is insufficiently prepared for cyber wars. A third of the servicemen said that they do not approve present policy of the country in fight against cyberterrorism. Only about 13% said that they resolutely support efforts of the government and army.

Besides, the considerable danger, according to military, is represented by internal terrorism and the foreign terrorist organizations, such as Al-Qaeda and ISIL *. About 57 percent of the military personnel consider Islamic extremists in the USA by serious threat. Internal terrorist groups considered threat of 49% of respondents, and other foreign groups consider threat of 48%. Last year the threat from Al-Qaeda and ISIL * was announced by more than 59% of the military personnel. Also among threats of national security of the USA white nationalists (35% that it is slightly more, than a year ago) and immigration (23%) are called.

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