Nearly one hundred earthquakes occurred in Yellowstone in 24 hours

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Nearly one hundred earthquakes have happened in Yellowstone Park in twenty-four hours – in accordance with data from geological service of United States of America we speak about “swarm” of 91 earthquakes. Popular Mechanics” writes about turbulent geological situation in Yellowstone.

As it is specified by American geologists, the strongest shock was registered for the day in the region of 3 MSK, in other words, fortunately, the earthquakes were rather weak. This is not the longest “swarm” of the earthquakes in Yellowstone – for example, three years ago here was recorded a similar event, which lasted almost three months and consisted of almost two and a half thousand shocks. The maximum magnitude of the shocks in 2017 is 4.4 points.

The new swarm of underground shocks in Yellowstone was well documented, as simultaneously with the natural earthquakes in the park was a project to study the sleeping supercolcano, in which the bowels of the volcano were affected by special vibroseismic trucks.

“This swarm of earthquakes was studied as none before. Now we have an impressive array of data, on the basis of which it is possible to make a comprehensive study of the sleeping supercolcano”, – noted the scientists, adding that the state of a potentially dangerous object is carefully monitored.