Neimar T-shirt was used for wiping shoes in the store “Marseille”

Spanish edition of AS published a video from the club store of soccer team “Marseille” on September 16. The video depicts visitors wiping their feet on a PSG T-shirt with the name and number of Neimar in front of the entrance.

The incident took place against the background of a scandal related to a scuffle between the teams’ players during the third round match of the French championship last Sunday, September 13.

At the end of the game PSG midfielder Neimar, who repeatedly complained to the referee about racist insults by one of his rivals Alvaro Gonzalez, hit him on the head with his fist.

After that, other players joined the scuffle, and as a result, five athletes received red cards.

On September 16, the Professional Football League of France disqualified Neimar and Parisian midfielder Leandro Paradesn for two games, and their classmate Leven Kurzava – for six. The Marseilles will not have three matches on the field of Jordan Amavi, one – Dario Benedetto.