Netanyahu threatened Hezbollah with a forceful response

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Lebanese Hezbollah movement of violating the country’s borders and called for this mistake not to be repeated in the future.

“Any attack against us will be met with force. “Hezbollah and Lebanon are fully responsible for any attack from Lebanese territory on Israel”.

According to Netanyahu, the movement “plays with fire.

Earlier on July 27, Hezbollah said that it had not participated in any fighting on Lebanon’s southern borders with Israel, in the area of Shebaa Farms and had not opened fire.

On 25 July, Israeli Air Force helicopters attacked Syrian army installations. The attack was in response to the shelling of the Golan Heights.

On April 15, an Israeli Air Force drone attacked a car that allegedly housed Hezbollah Shia commanders on the Syrian-Lebanese border. The vehicle was hit by two rockets at the Yabus junction, between Damascus and the Lebanese border.

The car was destroyed and no information was provided about the people in it.