Netherlands to impose severe restrictions due to COVID-19 until January 19

Dutch authorities intend to impose strict quarantine in the country until January 19. This was reported Monday, December 14, by the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation (NTC), citing sources in the government.

As specified, there will be closed stores that do not sell food and basic necessities, cinemas, theaters and museums. Restrictions will take effect at midnight on December 14-15. Schools will be closed on Wednesday, December 16.

The official announcement on the introduction of the lockdown will be made by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, during a planned press conference. Residents of the country will also be advised not to go out unnecessarily and not to invite guests home.

In addition, the government has discussed the introduction of a curfew, but so far no such measure has been taken.

Earlier it was reported that a strict quarantine was introduced in Germany from December 16 to January 10. Retail stores in the country will be closed, with the exception of grocery stores, schools will stop full-time education, kindergartens will not work.