New facts have emerged in the case of the death of the ferry “Estonia”

In connection with new information about the cause of the wreck of the ferry “Estonia”, which sank 26 years ago, it is necessary to conduct new underwater technical studies. This was stated by Prime Minister of Estonia Jüri Ratas on Monday, September 28, during a visit to Stockholm.

“It is necessary to conduct a new technical examination of the circumstances of the accident. In our opinion, the technical study should include underwater observations, and we also informed Finland and Sweden about this,” Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet quotes the Prime Minister.

According to the newspaper, in the case of the death in the Baltic Sea in 1994, the ferry “Estonia” from Tallinn to Stockholm, new facts have emerged that require additional investigation into the causes of the wreck.

It is specified that a team of documentary Discovery TV channel discovered with a remote-controlled underwater vehicle a four-meter hole on the starboard side, which previously hid the clayey bottom.

These new findings, in their opinion, support the hypothesis that the ship sank quickly not only because of the detachment of the bow vizier (the elevating surface part of the ferry located on the bow of the ship. – Ed.), but also because of this hole in the hull. Until recently, this hypothesis was officially rejected, and countries relied on the 1997 accident report, which claimed that the ship sank after the bow gate weakened and the water rushed on the car deck. This conclusion, however, was criticized because Estonia would not have been able to sink so quickly if there had not been a puncture below the waterline.

In addition, the newspaper reports a press release of the Swedish Foreign Ministry on September 28, which states that Estonia, Finland and Sweden have decided to jointly explore new facts in obtaining “Estonia” a hole.

Prime Minister Ratas also added that the technical study will include a survey of the seabed and the ferry head, as well as the creation of three-dimensional models. According to Ratas, Estonia should lead the research as a state under the flag of which the shipwreck sailed.

The ferry “Estonia” sank at night on September 28, 1994. As a result of the wreck 852 people were killed. The authorities of Estonia, Finland and Sweden recognized the place of the wreck as a sea grave, the remains of the dead were not raised. Diving to the place of the tragedy is prohibited.