New increase in COVID-19 risk of death detected

High blood sugar levels can double the probability of death from coronavirus. This conclusion was reached by Chinese experts from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Diabetologia writes.

It is noteworthy that the risk of death with high glucose is higher, even if a person does not suffer from obesity and diabetes.

“Elevated blood glucose levels at the time of hospitalization were itself associated with an increased risk of death or COVID-19-related complications,” the experts noted.

The study showed that at 7 millimoles of sugar per liter of blood, patients with COVID-19 died 2.3 times more frequently from complications than other patients.

The average blood sugar level increased the risk of death by 72%. At high glucose, complications were also four times more likely to be recorded.

How exactly high blood sugar levels increase the risk of death from COVID-19, scientists have not yet determined. It’s supposed to cause clots to form.

Based on the data obtained after the study 600 infected physicians called on colleagues to test all patients for sugar levels.