New microwave technology lets you see through walls

Researchers from the United States have developed innovative radar technology capable of creating images of objects that are behind opaque walls. As writes the edition of Nature Communications, at the heart of the new technology – microwaves.

The new radar system created by specialists from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology uses microwaves capable of penetrating even such dense materials as concrete. The technology makes it possible not only to look through walls, but also to track objects that move at hypersonic speeds. In other words, it is obvious that the new radar will be of interest primarily to the military.

“The microwave radar system allows you to track objects extremely quickly, in just microseconds. This is very important if you have to deal with objects that fly at hypersonic speeds,” say the creators of the new technology, adding that the system can also be used to monitor space debris in Earth orbit.

It is assumed that the ability to look through walls and track hidden objects in real time will not only help intelligence agencies, but also rescuers, who need to quickly find people in burning or smoky buildings. There is no word yet on the system’s commercial prospects.