New proteins involved in DNA repair discovered

The human body is an array of trillions of cells, most of which contain a genome with damaged elements. DNA can be damaged by hundreds of different factors, many of which are triggered by environmental exposures. Cells know how to repair DNA, which is very important for survival. Scientists have discovered new proteins involved in DNA repair.

Today, scientists are using state-of-the-art microbiological tools to study DNA repair processes inside cells. The latest research has helped specialists identify new protein structures for science, which are involved in DNA repair. The results from the work will help geneticists better understand the mechanisms of DNA damage.

Scientists added about three hundred proteins to test cells, analyzing how this would change the activity of DNA repair processes. The intervention was done using expression vectors, revealing nine proteins that, until now, had not been associated with DNA repair.

“Some proteins perform DNA repair by sticking to damaged fragments of the genetic code, others do it differently. All methods are equally important because they provide different types of DNA repair,” the researchers note.