New technologies will displace 85 million jobs by 2025

Work between man and technology will be equally divided in five years, the World Economic Forum report says. 43% of employers are for job cuts due to automation.

Because of automation as a result of technological progress by 2025, 85 million jobs in 15 sectors of the economy could be reduced. This follows from the report of the World Economic Forum (WEF), published on October 20. However, experts believe that the “robot revolution” will create 97 million new jobs. In general, in the future, unlike in previous years, the appearance of new positions will be slower than the disappearance of existing ones, the document further says.

According to WEF experts, by 2025, the work between man and machine will be distributed equally. In this case, automation will affect such activities as data entry and processing, accounting, a number of administrative tasks.

43% of employers are going to reduce jobs
According to the survey conducted by WEF experts, 43 percent of business representatives said that they intend to reduce jobs due to the introduction of new technologies. 41 percent of employers plan to expand the network of contractors to perform certain types of work, and 34 percent plan to attract new labor force needed to integrate new technologies.

“The acceleration of automation and the consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic recession have exacerbated the existing imbalance in the labor markets and reversed the decline in unemployment achieved after the 2007-2008 global economic crisis,” said WEF Managing Director Saadia Zahidi.