New York governor is accused of harassment for the sixth time

Another, already the sixth, former employee of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration has accused him of inappropriate behavior. It was reported by the Albany Times Union on March 9.

The woman claimed Cuomo “touched her indecently” during a meeting at his mansion in 2020. Comments from the governor did not immediately follow.

“As I said last week, I have never done anything inappropriate (with the law. – Ed.),” the official was quoted as saying during a briefing.

It is noted that the woman did not file a formal complaint with the governor’s office. Her allegations were reported to Cuomo’s attorney by other members of the executive branch. The information was also passed on by the governor’s office to the attorney general’s office, which is coordinating the investigation into the numerous sexual harassment allegations against the governor.

On Dec. 14, Lindsay Boylan, a former adviser to the governor of the U.S. state of New York, accused her former boss of sexual harassment, she wrote on her Twitter account. At the time, she was running for New York City’s Manhattan borough council. Cuomo spokeswoman Caitlin Girouard, for her part, said there was “simply no truth” in Boylan’s words.

On Feb. 27, however, another former Cuomo adviser accused him of sexual harassment.

On March 2, it was reported that a third woman accused Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. According to her, the incident took place at a wedding in New York City in September 2019.

On March 6, two other women who worked with the governor joined the allegations. At issue is former press aide Karen Hinton, who admitted that she encountered Cuomo’s “too long, hard and intimate” embrace in a Los Angeles hotel room in December 2000 when he was head of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, The Washington Post reported.

Ana Liss, a policy adviser who worked with the governor from 2013 to 2015, was another new accuser. She told The Wall Street Journal about his behavior. At a 2014 event in Albany, Cuomo called her “dear,” kissed her on the cheeks and hugged her around the waist. He also asked if she had a boyfriend.

On March 8, representatives of the Republican Party in the New York State legislature intend to introduce a resolution to impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo over allegations of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment, as well as a “loss of trust.”

Earlier, on March 3, the New York governor announced that he was not going to leave office amid allegations of sexual harassment.