New Zealand MP expelled from Parliament for ritual dance

The deputy and co-chairman of the Maori Party, the indigenous people of New Zealand, Raviri Waititi was expelled from Parliament for performing a militant ritual dance of the aborigines as a sign of disagreement with his colleagues. This was reported on May 13 by Sproyt Wired.

It is noted that shortly before the incident, the New Zealand legislators had discussed the need to increase the level of health care for indigenous people, but the opposition National Party accused the government of promoting a “separatist program”.

Waititi said the Opposition representatives were “shaming Maori to win votes,” and there were racist overtones in their statements.

“When it comes to Indigenous positions and rights, they should be expressed by the Indigenous people themselves about their own rights,” the deputy said.

After his speech, the man was asked to return to his seat, but Waititi was outraged and stepped into the middle of the room to perform the haku, a traditional Maori dance that can be performed in case of conflict and is accompanied by belligerent shrieks.

After that Waititi was asked to leave the hall.

It is noted that this is not the first time an MP has been expelled from Parliament. For example, three months ago a politician refused to wear a tie, and he was also asked to leave the room. The deputy calls this closet item “colonial hangman,” and prefers to wear the traditional massive pendant-amulet “hei tiki.”