New Zealander realized he had coronavirus thanks to tomato paste

New Zealander Joshua Dent discovered his coronavirus thanks to tomato paste he couldn’t eat, writes the Daily Mail on April, 1.

According to the 23-year-old tourist, he felt unwell when he returned home from visits to London and Paris.

It took him about two hours to get home from the airport, and during this time the young man had a runny nose, sore throat and a feeling of fatigue.

However, Dent suspected something wrong only after he had tasted the tomato sauce.

“I just remember tasting it, and I felt just a terrible metallic taste. I tasted pasta from another company, but it was the same,” he said.

The man noted that the taste of other foods, including tomatoes, remained the same.

However, the metallic taste of tomato sauce remained the same throughout Dent’s COVID-19 treatment.

The young man has now recovered but is still under quarantine. According to him, after discharge, he immediately ate a tomato sauce sandwich…

According to doctors, a change in taste, smell or complete loss of sensations is a common symptom of coronavirus.