Nikol Pashinyan resigned as Prime Minister of Armenia

Nikol Pashinyan has resigned from the post of the Armenian Prime Minister to hold early parliamentary elections. The country’s government has resigned following the prime minister’s resignation.

“I am resigning today to implement constitutional provisions and dissolve the parliament,” Pashinyan said during his Facebook video address to the nation on Sunday, April 25.

At the same time, the politician noted that he remains acting prime minister until the elections and will carry out his work in full. In addition, Pashinyan will become the prime ministerial candidate of the ruling Civic Agreement party in the elections.

I could have resigned not today, but I decided to do it on Citizen’s Day. Thus, we return the power received from the citizen to him so that he decides the further fate of power through free, fair, and competitive elections,” Pashinyan stressed.

He noted those snap elections are very important in Armenia because the country has gone through serious trials in 2020. The opportunity for people to cast their votes is a way to express their views on the events of the past, as well as to determine their future fate.

The Armenian government has also resigned its full powers due to Pashinyan’s resignation. Members of the government continue in office until a new government is formed in the country.

On February 25, the Armenian Armed Forces (AF) issued a statement demanding Pashinyan’s resignation. He in turn saw this as a coup attempt and called on his supporters to take to the streets to protest. Onik Gasparyan, the Chief of General Staff, was dismissed despite the President’s refusal to sign the order. The situation led to new protests in Armenia. Both supporters and opponents of Pashinyan took to the streets.