“No one has waited longer than her.” Jeff Bezos will fly into space with 82-year-old astronaut Wally Funk

Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon and the space company Blue Origin, will go into space with American astronaut Wally Funk. In the 1960s, she was in a training program for female astronauts, but she never got to go into space.

Funk was born in 1939. In 1961, she took part in the Mercury 13 program, a group of 13 women who were training to become astronauts. They passed all the tests, and Wally was one of the best.

Then Wally went to NASA four times and asked to be allowed to go into space – but it didn’t happen. The first American woman could not go into space until 20 years later, and Funk worked as a flight instructor.

But Wally became the first female Federal Aviation Administration investigator – she investigated plane crashes. Her dream of going into space was going to be fulfilled by Jeff Bezos.

According to Funk, it’s the best thing that ever happened to her. Another seat on the crew was raffled off at an auction, and all proceeds from it will go to support the scientific community.


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