Nobel laureate in physics told about the features of her work

Andrea Gez, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of California, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2020, believes that even with the help of the most modern technical means, humanity still has a lot to learn about the universe. This was reported on October 6 by the press service of the University of California.

“We have advanced tools and a world-class research group, and this combination makes discoveries a real pleasure. However, our understanding of how the universe works is still very incomplete. The Nobel Prize is amazing, but we still have a lot to learn,” said the winner.

Andrea Gez and her colleagues studied over 3 thousand stars in the vicinity of the supermassive black hole and estimated the gravitational impact of this space object. Gez notes that these studies were “at the very front line” of astrophysics development. In 2005, together with colleagues, she received the first clear image of the central region of the Milky Way galaxy – the region where the supermassive black hole should be located.

On October 6 committee of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the winners of Nobel prize in physics – 2020. They were Reinhard Genzel, Roger Penrose and Andrea Gez. They discovered that an invisible and extremely heavy object controls the orbits of stars in the center of our galaxy. An ultra-massive black hole is the only known explanation. The other half was awarded to Roger Penrose (University of Oxford, UK) “for his discovery that the formation of a black hole is a reliable prediction of the general theory of relativity.