Nobody came to the Polish presidential election

The constitutionally-appointed presidential elections were held in Poland. But the Poles were not allowed to vote in them, so the turnout was zero percent. Now the voters are waiting for another attempt to elect the head of state. When and how? The whole of Poland is asking these questions. The authorities are acting on the verge of legality, and the absurdity in the political life of the country is going off the scale.

“Ghost elections”, “in the fog of legal absurdity” – this is how the European media describe the situation in Poland.

Everything started with the desire of the politicians of the ruling party “Law and Justice” to hold a vote at any cost in May, when the incumbent president Andrzej Duda had every chance to win the first round. The Coronavirus Pandemic left them with only one option – elections by mail. But the opposition, whose candidates did not have the opportunity to run a full election campaign, did everything to delay the vote. Through its efforts, the relevant amendments to the Electoral Code were adopted only four days before the approved date of elections – May 10. It was impossible to prepare for the first ever postal vote in such a short period of time. But for the sake of re-election, the Dudya authorities were ready for anything. They were only stopped by the fact that their partners from the Consent Party had broken away from the ruling coalition.

The AFP news agency reported that “EU member Poland with a population of 38 million people found itself in a very strange situation, when the presidential election cannot be formally postponed or cancelled, because the government and the opposition could not agree on a corresponding constitution and a safe way out. On Friday night, the local TV channel TVP hosted a debate of all presidential candidates. At that time, ordinary Polish deputies – leaders of the parties “Law and Justice” and “Concord” Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Jaroslaw Gowin decided the fate of the country and those who debated, including the current president. The two Yaroslavs agreed that no one would cancel the election, while the authorities would simply not open polling stations on May 10. After that, it will be possible to declare the vote invalid, and the Speaker of the Sejm will set a new election date. We remind you that Andrzej Duda’s mandate expires in August.

It is interesting that if the elections are scheduled anew, the candidates will have to run again.

It is still unclear whether they will have to collect 100 thousand signatures for nomination again in the conditions of the coronavirus epidemic. But it is clear that if there are new candidates, they will also have to register. And it means that about 30 million ballots already printed by May 10 will become waste paper. “But postal envelopes will be useful,” they rejoice in the ruling party, hinting that the new elections can be held by mail. On Monday, Yaroslav Govin told the Gazeta Prawna newspaper that the elections are likely to be scheduled for late June or early July. According to him, it is possible that they will be mixed – those who do not want to go to the polling station, will be able to vote by mail, if he informs about it in advance. But so far nothing can be said for sure. The head of the “Soglasiye” party believes that “in comparison with Polish politics, the series “The Card House” is a bore. And indeed: the most interesting thing is ahead.