“Nord Stream-2” is near completion

Experts estimate that the Russian pipelayer Akademik Cherskiy can finish it by the end of this year.

Construction of the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline has entered the final stage and is close to completion, reports the Bloomberg agency.

It is noted that the satellite images show how the pipeline sections, located in the German port of Murkan, were moved to the loading dock. The harbor is a logistic center for construction.

Also, after a three-month voyage almost around the world, the Russian pipelayer Akademik Cherskiy, who is the main candidate for completion of the project, anchored five kilometres from Murkan.

According to the agency, 1,239 kilometers of gas pipeline have already been built, and about 6% remains to be finished. Experts believe that “Akademik Cherskiy” could finish the construction so that “Nord Stream – 2” would work by the end of 2020.