“Nord Stream-2” pipelayer returns to Russia

“Akademik Chersky “, according to the tracking portal, is heading to the port of Nakhodka, from where he went to Singapore in February this year. Now a possible pipe-layer of “Nord Stream – 2” is in English Channel, according to Myshiptracking.

“What are you afraid of?”, “Who’s going to build a pipe?”, “Better get back in the ocean!”, the comments say.

Since leaving the Russian port “Akademik Chersky” has changed the route several times. Earlier it was reported that the ship took a course to Europe. As noted by analysts, the pipe-laying vessel, owned by Gazprom, may deliberately “cover its tracks” in order not to fall under American sanctions. The U.S. threatens with restrictive measures all participants in the construction of “Nord Stream – 2”.

As a reminder, the construction of the gas pipeline was interrupted after the sanctions that the USA imposed in December 2019 on the contractors involved in the project. The Swiss company Allseas, which fell under restrictive measures, withdrew its ships, laying pipes for “Nord Stream – 2”, from the area of work.

Earlier, analysts concluded that the situation in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic will benefit the Russian gas pipeline. While the demand for energy has fallen in Europe, the Nord Stream – 2 can be easily completed. And in 2021, when, taking into account the circumstances, the gas pipeline will be ready to be launched, the world economy will grow.