North Korea commented on ballistic missile launches towards Japan

North Korea’s September 15 ballistic missile launches were a test of a railroad missile system. That’s what the state news agency the Central Telegraph Agency said on Thursday, September 16

“The test was aimed at confirming the practical applicability of a railroad mobile missile system deployed for the first time to operate,” the text said.

According to the agency, the missiles flew 800 kilometers as part of the test before reaching their target in the Sea of Japan.

On September 15, North Korea launched two missiles toward the Sea of Japan. Both missiles are believed to be ballistic. The interval between the launches was about five minutes.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said that the rockets fell in the Sea of Japan within Japan’s exclusive economic zone. He said a re-analysis determined that the missiles flew a distance of about 750 kilometers and had a maximum flight altitude of about 50 kilometers.

South Korea successfully tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile on the same day.