Novichok substances were found in samples obtained from Navalny

Blogger Alexey Navalny stays on the artificial lung ventilation apparatus in the intensive care unit, the symptoms of intoxication continue to decline. This was stated in a statement of Berlin clinic Sharite , which treats the patient, on Wednesday, September 2.

“The symptoms of intoxication caused by the substance from the cholinesterase inhibitor group are decreasing. Alexey Navalny is still on treatment in the intensive care unit and on IVL. The disease is expected to last for a long time. Remote consequences are not ruled out,” the report says.

Earlier Wednesday, the German government published a statement that a special laboratory of the Bundeswehr found in the samples received from Navalny, “unequivocal evidence” of the chemical nerve agent of the group ” Novichok “. What kind of samples were investigated, the statement does not say. It is also unknown what exactly was found: the substance itself, its traces or consequences of its exposure.

The German authorities have stated their intention to inform the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), their EU and NATO partners and Russia’s ambassador to Berlin about those findings.