Now a blonde: Selena Gomez changed her image drastically

In spring we all especially want a change. And the first thing that usually suffers … Hair. Stars are no exception here – they just like to reincarnate to mark a new period of life. So, today singer Selena Gomez appeared on the Instagram of her beauty brand in a radically new image.


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Публикация от Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez (@rarebeauty)

The singer went blonde. In a fresh photo, Selena poses with blonde curls, and the star’s hairdresser has already managed to share how the makeover went:

“Selena loves natural and natural looks, but this time she decided to experiment. We gave her the perfect cool blonde to go with the warmth of her skin tone. Thanks to this, she won’t have to adjust her everyday makeup. It was a long process: 200 pieces of foil, several packages of safety brightener, and eight hours of magic. But it was definitely worth it!”, master Nikki told her social media