Number of flood victims in central Vietnam increased to 90 people

The ongoing flooding in several provinces of central Vietnam has claimed the lives of 90 people and another 34 are reported missing. This was reported by the National Coordination Committee for combating consequences of natural disasters on October 19.

Quang Chi, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Thiat Hue provinces were hit hardest by the disaster. For two weeks, the central region has been suffering from heavy rains that have caused severe flooding and landslides.

As a result of the disaster, over 122 thousand private houses were flooded and destroyed, and about 107 thousand hectares of agricultural land were destroyed. In addition, power and communication lines were disrupted.

Rehabilitation works are underway in the affected provinces. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Suan Phuc demanded that the local authorities strengthen control over the flood situation and take immediate steps to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

It is noted that over the past year, the disaster took the lives of 132 people in Vietnam, and the damage it caused exceeded $302 million.

In September, Vietnam evacuated 1.1 million people from the provinces to which tropical storm Knowle was heading.