Number of victims of abnormal heat wave rises to 100 in Canada

Police in the Canadian city of Vancouver reported receiving at least 100 reports of sudden deaths since the province of British Columbia was hit by an abnormal heat wave. This was reported Tuesday, June 29, by the national CBC television channel, citing regional law enforcement.

Such temperatures are predicted to continue in the Canadian region over the next few days.

“Vancouver has never experienced a heat wave like this, and unfortunately, dozens of people are dying because of it. Our officers are still doing everything they can to keep people safe, regardless of the circumstances and the difficulties,” said Canadian police spokesman Steve Addison.

It is noted that at the official level, the causes of most of the deaths have not yet been determined, but law enforcement agencies have speculated that the dead were victims of inclement weather. Also, a large percentage of the victims were in the elderly and those with health problems.

On average, police handle five calls of this nature daily.

Earlier, on June 28, the meteorological service of the city of Litton in the Canadian province of British Columbia recorded a heat wave of 46.6 degrees. The service noted that the city “broke the record for the highest temperature in Canada.”