Number of victims of abnormally cold weather in U.S. rises to 47

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Almost 50 people have died because of the abnormally cold weather in the United States. This was reported on Friday, February 19, the publication The Washington Post, citing its own calculations.

As it is specified, since Sunday in the country became victims of the cold weather at least 47 people, 30 of whom died in Texas. The newspaper, according to the publication, based the deaths on established cases of weather-related deaths or suspected deaths due to that cause. However, the actual death toll is much higher, the publication points out.

It is known that some people died from hypothermia, others died in a traffic accident, some died of carbon monoxide poisoning, trying to get warm. Their identities have yet to be established.

On the morning of the same day, it was reported that 34 people died in seven American states as a result of severe winter conditions. Most deaths were registered in the state of Texas: 20 Americans died there because of the bad weather.

According to the latest data, the severe weather in the U.S. continues to affect more than 100 million Americans, and in the most affected areas of Texas are still snowing. In addition, almost half of the residents of the state – 13 million – do not have access to clean running water.

It was reported that because of the cold weather, residents of Texas were forced to put tents inside their homes to keep them warm.

On February 16 it was reported that because of a severe cold snap 24 American cities have updated temperature records. More than 150 million Americans living in 26 states received warnings about the weather danger. In a number of cities electricity was cut off, the roads were covered with ice, due to which severe traffic jams are expected.