Number of victims of Kabul airport bombings rises to 170

The number of victims of the suicide bombings at Kabul airport has reached 170 people. On Friday, August 27, it was reported by the American TV channel CBS News, citing a representative of the Afghan authorities.

It is also reported that among the dead there are 13 American servicemen, 10 of which were Marines.

About 200 more people were wounded. Earlier it was informed about 110 killed.

A day before Joe Biden took responsibility for the latest events in Afghanistan. He said that according to American intelligence, the bombings were carried out by militants of the radical movement IS.

In response to the attack near the airport in Kabul, the American president made a speech in which he announced Washington’s response to the deaths of American servicemen and innocent Afghans. The U.S. government also called on the people of the country to unite to fight back against the terrorists.

The first explosion in the Afghan capital on August 26th occurred at the entrance to the airport, the second one – near the Baron Hotel, in the immediate vicinity of the airbase. The media reported that an IS suicide bomber was involved in the first blast. The second explosion was caused by a car bombing. A third explosion followed in Kabul.

In addition, it was reported that two more explosions occurred in Kabul by evening. Later, the new authorities of the Afghan capital said that they were carried out by the U.S. military to destroy their equipment.